Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much does it cost?
A. Initial consultation (1 hr) €60
Further treatments €55
Babies/children/teenagers €50 per visit

Q. How can I pay?
A. Payment method: cash or card

Q. Can I claim for treatment on my medical insurance?
A. I am registered with all major health insurers. Please check your health policy for cover details.

Q. What happens on a first initial consultation?
A.  A first appointment typically lasts longer than subsequent appointments.

Your osteopath will:
Take a full case history.
Perform an appropriate physical examination.

Your osteopath will advise on suitable clothing to wear during your treatment. On occasion you may be required to remove some items of clothing.

Rachel will examine how your joints and tissues function using orthopaedic testing and  a highly developed sense of palpation.

She will also check for signs of other conditions she cannot treat and advise you to see your GP or other appropriate healthcare professional.

Rachel may also recommend individual exercises and self-help measures to assist your recovery.

N.B. Garda vetted, registered and insured.

Call 086 33 48 487

For An Appointment

If I can't come to the phone, please leave your name, contact number and a brief message and I will call you back immediately I am available.